• The treatment works by oxidizing the wood by a process called by a process called ebonizing the wood.

Sure! The treatment works on both hardwoods and softwoods. to get an idea of ​​the result obtained, depending on the type of wood, consult our table of results. 

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not a tree, it is part of the grass family (Poaceae), including lawns. since it does not produce wood, it does not contain the same elements as a tree and will not turn gray. therefore, Instanoir is not recommended for bamboo.

  • Brown treated wood has properties that protect it from nature’s elements. The industrial treatment gives it its brown color. We prefer your wood to last as long as possible, so we do not recommend washing it with chemical cleaners that contain oxalic acid before treating it with Instablack However, if you wish to clean your surface before applying our product, a simple rinse with water and a pressure hose is recommended.

If your project is made from a single raw board, the coloring will be similar. If your project is glulam or requires multiple boards of the same species, that is,  wood made from different sections and cuts of the tree, the color will vary depending on the concentration of tannins and the lignin of each section.

No, the Instanoir treatment contains an ingredient that has protective properties against mold and rot which allows your wood to last relatively longer without treatment.

– The application of our product is as easy as it gets! Use either a rag, sponge, paintbrush, paint roller, spray gun or any other washable, non-metallic tool capable of retaining liquid. You can also proced by soaking.

The product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It does not contain UV protection, which means your wood will age like natural wood: through the elements.

You can apply it both inside and outside. Instanoir treatment contains no VOCs or heavy metals and poses no danger to the environment or humans.

Yes, all products chosen for treatment formulation have been checked by chemical authorities for toxicity. None of the products in the kit pose a toxicological risk to humans or animals. Once dry to the touch, after application of the last coat, there is no danger to the health of humans and pets. However, it is strongly recommended that pets and children be kept out of the working environment when applying the product.

If your work is outdoors, we advise you to apply a varnish after the treatment, however, this is not mandatory but will be a good additional protection for your wood.

The intensity obtained will vary depending on the species of wood on which the treatment is applied, as well as the method chosen for the application. Consult our Wood species section for more information.

The treatment used on exterior surfaces will fade over time. Applying a sealer with UV protection, following the Instanoir treatment, will reduce color change due to the elements. Refer to the documentation for the sealant you plan to use to find out what protection it will provide to your wood.

The drying time of each layer can vary between 45 min and 3 h, or even sometimes more, depending on the environment.

Each time you apply a treatment layer, you increase the depth of the black on your surface. We recommend applying a minimum of two layers of treatment although a third layer is often needed if you want an even more pronounced effect. The application of a varnish above, usually darkens the rendering even more.

The product keeps indefinitely in a dry state. Once opened and mixed, it will keep for 2 weeks.

Regular delivery usually takes 9 business days in Canada.

If the effect is not what you want, you can always sand the wood back to its raw state

If you have applied the product incorrectly and the result seems uneven, you have two options:

  • Apply an additional coat to make the finish smoother.
  • Sand the surface and start again.

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